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Medical Product Specialist

Department: Marketing Department

Reported to: Business Unit Manager

Job Description:

  • - Arranging appointments with doctors and hospital medical teams, which may include pre-arranged appointments or regular calling.

  • - Making presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in GP surgeries, hospital doctors and pharmacists in the retail sector.

  • - Building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff and supporting administrative staff.

  • - Keeping detailed records of all contacts.

  • - Exceeding annual sales targets.

  • - Planning work schedules and weekly and monthly timetables. This may involve working with the area sales team or discussing future targets with the Business unit Manager. Generally, medical Product Specialist have their own regional area of responsibility and plan how and when to target health professions.

  • - Regularly attending company meetings, technical data presentations and briefings.

  • - Keeping up to date with the latest clinical data supplied by the company, and interpreting, presenting and discussing this data with health professionals during presentations.

  • - Monitoring competitor activity and competitors' products.

Job Specifications

Required Education

Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field may be preferred.

Other Requirements

Strong customer relations skills and continual awareness of changing medical developments.

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