Central Venous Catheter

All intra-catheters consists of high flexible thin-walled polyurethane which ensures very high flow rates. It is anti-thrombogen and biocompatible. At body temperature it gets very soft, swims in the vessel and reduces clearly the risk of phlebitis.

The catheters are equipped with extremely soft-tip. A perforation of the vein or damage of the intima are excluded practically. All intra-catheters have a cm-marking. The X-ray-opaque material offers an extremely high X-ray-ability. The catheter clips offer a safe and fast fixation.

  • Catheter with clamp
  • Ultra sharp puncture needle
  • Guide wire in advancer with flexible J-tip and one hand handling
  • Dilator
  • 5ml LL-syringe
  • Additional fixation clip
  • Further components on enquiry*
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Ventilation & Anesthesia Circuits

Our range of breathing circuits is available in:

  • 3 types of tubes: smoothbore, expandable and corrugated
  • different lengths
  • sterile version
  • adult, paediatric and neonatal version

Available in different lengths: 120, 160, 180, 240, 300 cm and others lengths on request.

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Catheter Mounts

Int’Air Medical has a large choice of different catheter mounts combinations, with:

  • 3 types of tubes: smoothbore, expandable and corrugated
  • elbow, with or without luer lock
  • double swivel elbow, with or without soft cap allowing the introduction of a fibre optic bronchoscope whilst maintaining airway pressure and allowing suction if necessary
  • straight connectors

Our catheter mounts also can be used in combination with filters and HME.

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Our range of filters are designed to protect the safety of patients during mechanical ventilation and to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

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Nasal Canula

Oxygen Masks

Nebulizers Masks